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Mayo Clinic Guide to Preventing & Treating Osteoporosis, Second Edition

Keep your bones healthy and strong

"It's never too late to do something about your bone health."
— Bart L. Clarke, M.D., Mayo Clinic

Today, thanks to advances here at Mayo and elsewhere, osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease that contributes to premature aging can be effectively managed or even avoided.

We no longer have to tolerate the pain and disability osteoporosis once caused.

That's just the start of the GOOD NEWS you'll find in our new edition of Mayo Clinic Guide to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis, Second Edition.

This newly updated edition brings you a take-charge approach to preventing, diagnosing and managing osteoporosis. You'll find detailed guidance to promote better bone health through diet, supplements, exercise, medications and more …

  • You'll learn how to reduce your risk of fracture due to falling.
  • You'll read about the role of good posture, fitness, balance and coordination.
  • You'll discover the good news on the latest advances in medications for osteoporosis.
  • Plus you'll learn how to choose the treatment options that are best for you.

Using these strategies, together with the support of family and friends and the guidance of your personal physician, can offer you the best opportunity to prevent bone loss and continue to live an active, full and independent life.

This is not the kind of information that you want to ignore. Mayo Clinic has made it easy for you to take advantage of this healing wisdom, combining our findings into one easy-to-read, easy-to-use book.

Order today and learn how this book could help improve your quality of life!

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