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Five Steps to Controlling High Blood Pressure

Learn how to control your blood pressure by using the information in this comprehensive guide. Learn about risk factors and how the condition is diagnosed and treated. Find out recognize an emergency and how to monitor your blood pressure through self care.

You play a vital role in managing your blood pressure and your overall health.

The sooner you take advantage of simple steps to improve your lifestyle, the greater your chances of enjoying a long, productive life.

Five Steps to Controlling High Blood Pressure will help you understand the many issues related to high blood pressure and assist you in making essential treatment decisions. This book is organized into two parts, where you will find a comprehensive guide to understanding and controlling the condition:

  • PART 1: FIVE STEPS TO CONTROL HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE — Discover five specific steps you can take to control your high blood pressure through lifestyle and medication. Simple, easy-to-follow strategies help you get your blood pressure under control and guide you past obstacles to a successful treatment program.
  • PART 2: UNDERSTANDING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE — Learn the basics of high blood pressure, with details on risk factors, screening and diagnosis. Understanding how high blood pressure develops will help you keep it in check before it seriously harms your health.
  • PLUS — Get to know essential self-care techniques, including how to monitor your blood pressure, avoid drug interactions, and recognize an emergency. Find out how high blood pressure impacts specific groups, such as women, children or those with an additional condition, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Five Steps to Controlling High Blood Pressure can help you improve your overall health. Each of the five proven steps can improve your health and lower your blood pressure. When combined, they form a powerful, personalized program suited to meet your specific health needs.

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Five Steps to Controlling High Blood Pressure, Second Edition
Cover Treatment
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Controlling your blood pressure is among the most effective steps you can take to reduce your risk of heart disease, kidney failure, stroke and dementia.
Sheldon G. Sheps, M.D.
A personal guide to preventing and managing hypertension.
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