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Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's

Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease is a resource you can trust for information on the latest, most-effective treatment approaches to help patients and their families cope with this difficult disease. This book brings you the latest, most-effective Alzheimer's treatment approaches and is a must-read for every caregiver.

We can treat Alzheimer's ...

"Speaking for my colleagues, we are confident that we can treat Alzheimer's disease and reduce its burden on individuals and society." — Ronald C. Petersen, M.D., Ph. D., Medical Editor

This book focuses on ways to actively manage Alzheimer's and other conditions that cause dementia in order to improve quality of life. In addition, the book is full of information on new discoveries we're eager to share with you, such as:

  • Advances in brain research that allow doctors to detect the Alzheimer's in its earliest stages. This gives us hope that we can unravel some important mysteries surrounding the disease.
  • Developments in medical technology, such as the ability to detect plaques in the living brain through molecular imaging. Breakthroughs like this make it possible to track the progress of the disease and the effects of medication therapy on a patient.
  • New approaches to help Alzheimer's patients – improving general health and even cognition – by treating coexisting conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or sleep disorders.

If you are the friend, loved one or caregiver of someone with Alzheimer's, this book is a must-read. You'll learn about treatment goals, medications, strategies to deal with changing behaviors, and best ways to approach advanced or severe cases.

BONUS SECTION INCLUDED: Action Guide for Caregivers

Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease includes an Action Guide for Caregivers, offering guidance on the journey with a loved one through the stages of Alzheimer's. You'll learn how to make a workable care plan, improve communication, deal with challenging behaviors and more. Review the guide all at once, or focus on the most relevant sections at a given time. Either way, you'll gain a greater understanding of the disease and learn better ways to cope today, tomorrow and in the years ahead.

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Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease
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Your guide to understanding, treating, coping and caregiving.
Ronald C. Petersen, Ph.D., M.D.
Answers to your concerns about Alzheimer's disease.
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