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Mayo Clinic on Arthritis

This book offers practical, reliable information to help you control your arthritis. Discover better medications, improved treatments and self-care tips to reduce pain and lead a more active, comfortable life.

Manage pain and live an active life

If you have arthritis, you have lots of company. More than 46 million Americans have it, and it's the No. 1 cause of disability in the U.S.. Mayo Clinic wants to help you reduce the pain and disability associated with the two most common forms of arthritis — osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This book shares some of the same expert knowledge that Mayo Clinic doctors, nurses and therapists use in caring for patients.  

When it comes to arthritis, understanding your condition and its treatment options can truly be life-altering. A little practical guidance can help you live more productively and more comfortably each and every day. 

"When you learn that you have arthritis, you might fear the worst — a life hobbled by pain and disability. Mayo Clinic on Arthritis should put those fears to rest by providing you with tools to gain control over the disease."
— April Chang-Miller, M.D., Medical Editor

Mayo Clinic on Arthritis includes useful information for more than 100 forms of arthritis.

  • Part 1 focuses on osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Part 2 covers all the latest treatments, including a medications guide and chapters on joint surgery, pain control, complementary and alternative treatments and promising new therapies.
  • Part 3 offers an in-depth guide to living with arthritis.

In Mayo Clinic on Arthritis, you'll also learn about promising trends in diagnosis and treatment, tips on pain control and remaining active. Plus learn about:

  • How to slow progression and relieve pain of osteoarthritis while also improving joint function.
  • Arthritis and weather.
  • Surgeries and medications that can help control or reverse arthritis symptoms.
  • The latest scientific research focusing on ways to ease the wear and tear of joints and ways to correct over-reactive immune responses that trigger inflammation.

Mayo Clinic publications have provided arthritis care information to millions of readers. Our doctors, nurses and therapists have provided care to many thousands of patients. Today we'd like to include you in growing the circle of friends who are enjoying the benefits of Mayo-approved arthritis treatments and therapies.

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Mayo Clinic on Arthritis
Cover Treatment
How to manage arthritis pain and lead an active life.
April Chang-Miller, M.D.
By the arthritis experts at Mayo Clinic.
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