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Mayo Clinic The Essential Diabetes Book, Second Edition

Your healthy future depends on learning and using the latest medical facts to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease. In this second edition, you'll find the most up-to-date guidelines from Mayo Clinic on diabetes diagnosis and testing. Discover how to prevent, control and live well with diabetes.

Minimize the impact of diabetes on your healthy future...

Did you know more than half of all Americans who have diabetes are over age 60? And according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases — of those over age 65, almost 1 in 5 has diabetes.

These figures are alarming — but there is good news. We live in a time where more is known about how to prevent diabetes and control it more effectively. At Mayo Clinic, we want to help you use this latest medical knowledge to enjoy a healthy future — one that's either free of diabetes, or that manages diabetes effectively so that you can enjoy the retirement years you worked so hard for.

In The Essential Diabetes Book, Second Edition, from Mayo Clinic, you'll find the latest guidelines on diagnosis and testing, as well as valuable self-care tips. You'll learn the best ways we know to prevent or manage diabetes, and why it is so vital to reduce your risk. You'll learn:

  • Why diabetes is so prevalent today.
  • How to find out if you're at risk.
  • The seven signs and symptoms of diabetes: knowing them is vital to getting appropriate treatment quickly.
  • The right foods to eat and recipes that deliver key ingredients critical to your future good health. 
  • How to identify and overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from achieving a healthy weight. You'll find lots of practical tips from one of Mayo’s leading experts on weight management, Donald Hensrud, M.D.
  • The latest guidance on insulin therapy and other medications that can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, as well as new and experimental drug approaches.

Your healthy future depends on learning and using the latest medical facts to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease.

Diabetes can't be cured, but it can be prevented — if you take the right steps. And if you already have diabetes, the treatments are better than ever.

This book has the latest help Mayo Clinic can offer, and it might save your life.

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Mayo Clinic The Essential Diabetes Book, Second Edition
Cover Treatment
How to prevent, control, and live well with diabetes.
M. Regina Castro, M.D.
Important medical advances mean better health, lower risk and improved lifestyles.
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