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Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Insomnia

Manage insomnia and get better sleep using a combination of proven techniques. Mayo Clinic, the No. 1 hospital in the nation, and Gaiam, the alternative health and wellness experts, have teamed up to bring you this groundbreaking integrated health action plan designed specifically to help you overcome insomnia.

Get a better night's sleep. 

You'll love the results you'll get from this easy three-step action plan:

1. Start with understanding your condition. You'll meet Mayo Clinic doctors who share the latest medical insights about insomnia, what causes it, and strategies for getting a restful sleep by combining conventional and alternative therapies.

2. Eat well to feel better. Go shopping with Donald Hensrud, M.D., author of The Mayo Clinic Diet. Next, meet a Mayo Clinic dietitian who will explain practical, easy food choices that promote weight loss and good digestion, which can help significantly in reducing insomnia.

3. Moderate exercise and stress-relieving techniques bring our action plan into balance. Rodney Yee, America's favorite yoga instructor will guide you through a series of simple, restorative yoga and stress-relieving meditation routines designed to help you sleep better by improving blood circulation and reducing tension.

Packaged with the DVD, you will also receive Mayo Clinic's 52-page booklet, My Stress Solution, as an added bonus. This valuable booklet contains helpful hints you can follow every day to reduce stress and make your life more enjoyable.

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Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Insomnia
Get a better night's sleep with conventional and natural remedies for insomnia. This DVD video will guide you.
Get a better night's sleep with the remedies in this DVD.
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