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Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living

Mayo Clinic has developed an easy-to-read resource at a reduced cost to health information seekers. Inside the Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living bookazine, you'll enjoy the benefits of over 90 pages of great information to help you live your best life, brought to you from the expertise of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program.

How many times have you thought, "I need to eat better," "I need to get more exercise," "I need to stop getting so stressed out"? Most of us know we need to change certain habits, but we have trouble putting our thoughts into action — taking that step from knowing to doing.

At the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program in Rochester, Minnesota, we work individually with our guests on practical, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle modifications to achieve optimal health. We help our guests establish personal wellness goals and break down obstacles keeping them from making important lifestyle changes. You may be familiar with some of these obstacles — too little time, lack of motivation, not knowing how to start ... the list goes on.

We've taken the practical aspects of our program and condensed them into this handy, how-to, one-of-a-kind guide. The advice we give is evidence-based, and supported by our team's expertise and experience. By following the steps outlined in the pages of this guide, you can experience the same health benefits as do those individuals who enroll in our onsite program.

Will this take time? Yes, but the rewards are tremendous. It's our belief that if you follow the advice we offer, your health will improve and so will your quality of life. Get your copy today, and let's begin!

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Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living
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Change your life through diet, fitness and resiliency.
Your Personal Wellness Plan from The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program
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