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Mayo Clinic Natural Healing

Help prevent illness and improve you life with reliable advice on several topics including message therapy, meditation, herbs and supplements, and more.

As Americans seek greater control of their health, explosive growth is taking place in the field of integrative medicine. People are looking for more “natural” or “holistic” ways to maintain good health. In addition, more and more people want to not only manage and prevent illness but also improve their quality of life overall.

At the same time, more treatments that were once considered “on the fringe” are slowly being integrated into conventional medicine. The key word to focus on here is “integrated.”

Although the term integrative medicine may be new to you, it’s a term that’s been in the works for many years now — a concept that was known as alternative medicine back in 2007 when the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine was first published. That’s because these types of treatments were seen as alternatives to conventional medicine.

Today, as evidence showing the safety and effectiveness of many of these therapies grows, physicians are starting to integrate aspects of what was once seen as alternative medicine into conventional medical care. That’s why you’re hearing the term integrative medicine more often.

The purpose behind what you will read in Mayo Clinic Natural Healing, is to give you evidence-based insight into many of the most popular integrative treatments that can boost your health and wellness. You’ll learn about integrative techniques and treatments that Mayo Clinic feels have the best research behind them. You'll discover the best evidence-based products and practices that work with conventional medicine to improve your health — mind, body and spirit.

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Mayo Clinic Naturual Healing
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Prevent illness and improve your life.
Brent A. Bauer, M.D. – Medical Editor
Includes massage therapy, meditation, herbs and supplements
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