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Tired Teens

If your teen has been struggling with fatigue and lack of energy for months, you know it can be miserable.And discouraging. Some causes of excessive tiredness like lack of sleep and improper sleep hygiene, can be easy to remedy. However, other causes, like digestive problems, hormonal changes, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), may require more serious care.

Tired Teens explains how to identify the warning signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue. Tired Teens will also provide you with expert advice on receiving an evaluation and a diagnosis for adolescent fatigue and outlines different treatment plans to those diagnosed with chronic fatigue and POTS.

In Dr. Fischer's careful and compassionate words, you'll find hope for true healing and the potential for a complete and lasting recovery.

Why teenagers are tired and how they can recover

So many teens today feel tired. This book will help you determine if your teens' excessive tiredness is a symptom of a busy schedule or the result of an unexpected disorder, like POTS. Tired Teens provides expert advice on treatments plus real-life stories of POTS and practical input from nurses that work alongside Dr. Fischer.

Tired Teens is divided into these four sections:

Section 1: Chronic Fatigue, pages 25-37

Section 2: What’s happening to your body, pages 47-79

Section 3: What is POTS?, pages89-121

Section 4: Evaluation and recovery, pages 135-195

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Tired Teens
Cover Treatment
Understanding and conquering chronic fatigue and POTS
Philip Fischer, M.D.
Expert advice on receiving an evaluation and a diagnosis for adolescent fatigue.
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