The Science of Integrative Medicine
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The Science of Integrative Medicine - DVD Course

The Science of Integrative Medicine, produced in collaboration with The Great Courses, provides you with 12 informative lectures on the science-based facts and historical context of commonly used integrative treatments. Delivering a foundational explanation of this wide and diverse new field of medicine, this course is designed to empower you and give you the knowledge you need to explore how to use these techniques to improve your wellness.


Taught by Brent Bauer, M.D., director of Mayo Clinic’s Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program, this course provides you with an illuminating exploration of many genuinely beneficial treatments.

In this extensive course, you will …

  1. Learn how simple changes in nutrition, exercise, stress management, and social support positively affected test subjects and how these changes can improve your mental and physical health.
  2. Examine the scientific evidence that demonstrates both the effectiveness of acupuncture and the medical conditions it has been known to help alleviate.
  3. Examine the phenomenon of the mind-body connection to see how you can positively influence your mind in order to improve your body.
  4. Discover why no herbal supplement is necessarily "good" or "bad", and learn why it is so important to use supplements responsibly.
  5. Get suggestions on how to approach the topic of integrative medicine with your primary care physician or a specialist.

DVD packet includes:

  • 12 lectures on two DVDs (nearly 6 hours of content)
  • 144-page printed course guidebook

The Science of Integrative Medicine will help you take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. As you delve deeply into integrative practices and learn the science behind how and why they work, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for why Western doctors are now evaluating and incorporating such practices into an array of tools at their disposal to help you reach and maintain wellness. At the conclusion of the course, you’ll find yourself to be a more informed decision-maker. And you’ll see that by working with your doctor to discuss the scientifically backed practices you feel comfortable with, it is possible to put together an integrative program that can positively affect your health.

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The Science of Integrative Medicine – DVD Course
A comprehensive course on this new field medicine.
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