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The Sisters' Story: Volume II: 1939 to 1980

This story covers a century of sweeping change in medicine, as well as the constant devotion and faith of the Sisters of St. Francis, who founded Saint Marys Hospital of Mayo Clinic. Told by a member of the Rochester Franciscans, The Sisters' Story brings to life these dedicated, hardworking women, who fulfilled their calling in service to patients.

Once upon a time, a group of Catholic Sisters and a family of doctors built a hospital in a cornfield...

A handshake, not a legal document, sealed this partnership of Franciscan Sisters and Mayo physicians. 

The hospital grew into a place of healing for people from all over the world. 

The human story of these unlikely partners continues in The Sisters' Story, Part Two. 

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The Sisters' Story: Volume II: 1939 to 1980
Cover Treatment
Saint Marys Hospital – Mayo Clinic.
Sister Ellen Whelan, Ph.D.
Part 2: A history of the Sisters of St. Francis in Rochester.
Mayo Foundation
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