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Living and Loving: The Life of Edith Graham Mayo

In 1889, when Saint Marys Hospital opened, 22-year-old Edith Graham was hired by Dr. William Worrall Mayo as its first professional nurse. After marrying Dr. Mayo’s son, Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Edith lived an energetic and productive life, raising nine children, traveling the world, undertaking philanthropic activities and advising her husband as Mayo Clinic became a world-renowned medical center.

This film, set in 1942, imagines Edith's granddaughter writing an essay on "The Person I Admire Most." Visiting people from her grandmother’s past, she learns about Edith's impressive accomplishments, engaging personality and the many lives she touched with insightful, tireless compassion.

Filmed in historic locations, including Edith's home of 30 years, inspired by and quoting the memories of people who knew Edith well, this film provides an intimate portrait of an influential figure in the history of Mayo Clinic.

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Living & Loving
The Life of Edith Graham Mayo
The Life of Edith Graham Mayo
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