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Mayo and the Mississippi: A Passion for the River

Everyone needs a place to relax ... to unwind with family and friends ... to think about what is important in life. For Dr. William J. Mayo, that place was the Mississippi River. This film will introduce you to "life on the Mississippi" as Mayo Clinic's founders experienced it.

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"It would be fine if you took a little trip with Mrs. Mayo and me. Come on, let's do it!"
— Dr. William J. Mayo in a letter to a friend, 1931

You'll enjoy the sights and sounds of a trip on the great river through vintage home movies, artifacts and photos - many of them presented in public for the first time.

Mayo Clinic Heritage Films produces original documentaries and dramatizations about key aspects of Mayo's history. With the generous support of our benefactors, these award-winning films include cinematography of the highest quality; rare photos, movies and artifacts; and interviews with people who took part in historic events.

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Mayo and the Mississippi
A Passion for the River
Mayo Clinic
Life on the Mississippi – on holiday with the Mayo brothers.
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