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Mayo Clinic and the White House: Caring for America's First Families

Mayo Clinic and the White House: Caring for America’s First Families, describes the unique challenges of providing medical service to the leader of the Free World, often amid great national events - including some surprising moments of grace and humor under pressure.

The unparalleled relationship between Mayo Clinic and the American Presidency.

The story begins with Abraham Lincoln, who appointed Dr. William Worrall Mayo as an examining surgeon for the Union Army during the Civil War, based in Rochester, Minn., and continues with virtually every administration of the 20th and 21st centuries.

An original Mayo Clinic Heritage Film narrated by Tom Brokaw. Featuring heart-warming interviews by Luci Baines Johnson, Walter Mondale and George and Barbara Bush.

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Mayo Clinic and the White House
Caring for America's First Families.
Mayo Clinic
The relationship between Mayo Clinic and the presidency.
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Mayo Clinic

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