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The Mayo Clinic: Faith - Hope - Science DVD

This is the story of the renowned institution that has been called the “place for hope when there is no hope.” By combining the history of the institution with stories about present-day patients, the film makes an important contribution to discussions about our commitment to taking care of each other, about the role of money and profit in medicine, and about the very nature of healing itself.

The Mayos had a simple philosophy, “the needs of the patient come first.”

It began in 1883 as an unlikely partnership between a group of Catholic nuns and a country doctor named William Worrall Mayo. In the wake of a deadly tornado in rural Minnesota, Mayo and his two sons, Will and Charlie enlisted the help of Mother Alfred Moes and her nearby Order of Franciscan Sisters to care for the wounded. Later, Mother Alfred would claim to have had a vision instructing her to build a hospital in Rochester, Minnesota with Mayo as its director. It would become, she said, “world renowned for its medical arts.”

Deleted Scenes including Additional Patient Stories and Destination Medicine, 1928 Behind-the-Scenes Music Video

Directors: Ken Burns, Erik Ewers, Christopher Loren Ewers

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The Mayo Clinic: Faith – Hope – Science DVD
A Mayo Clinic documentary by Ken Burns.
Ken Burns, Erik Ewers, Christopher Loren Ewers
A Visionary Approach to Medicine Was Invented Over 120 Years Ago
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